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The MD Club provides a forum where members can benefit from sharing ideas and knowledge

MD Club members can gain a number of different benefits through hearing innovative speakers,  discussing best-practice for collaboration and developing ongoing partnerships.


Industry members can benefit from the facilities and expertise available at both universities through the development of flexible partnerships with key academics.

Academics have the opportunity to tackle industry-led challenges, translating their knowledge into regional businesses and accessing industry-led funding streams, such as the Industrial Challenge Strategy Fund.

In addition members can hear from inspiring and informative speakers on key topics and regional opportunities.

Take a look below at what some of our members had to say...

"The MD Club is particularly good at creating an ideal atmosphere where business and academia can exchange ideas and discuss potential R&D opportunities in a relaxed and collaborative environment. A spirit of creativity and collaboration is often inspired by the thoughts of innovative, progressive keynote speakers at the events, with the topics being driven by the MD Club members."

Mike Maddock, Managing Director, Performance Engineering Solutions (PES) Ltd.


“Sheffield’s businesses and academic institutions together enjoy a growing reputation for close cooperation that drives change and regional improvement. The MD Club is a prime example of a cross-institutional initiative, bringing together all these key partners to deepen these relationships for the benefit of the Sheffield City Region."

Professor Paul Hatton, Director of Research, School of Clinical Dentistry

"In my opinion, innovation and collaboration is the only way to go forward, chance conversations with academic colleagues can blossom into commercial applications and other funding opportunities. There is a definite correlation between these partnerships and the company's growth, the Managing Directors' Club provides the perfect forum to facilitate this."

Tom Deakin, Research & Development Manager, LabLogic Systems Ltd.

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