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Learning from innovations tackling the global food sustainability challenge

Date: Wednesday 12th February

Venue: The National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering, 811 Attercliffe Rd, Sheffield S9 2AA

The Sheffield Universities Managing Directors’ Club (MD Club) is pleased to deliver its next event with the National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering. This new Sheffield Hallam University centre is working in partnership with businesses to deliver creative solutions to industry challenges, through their leading expertise and cutting edge facilities and equipment

Sustainability is on everyone's mind with a growing number of companies treating sustainability as an important objective to increase growth and set them apart from the competition. The 'trend' has reached beyond niche companies who position themselves as 'green' into big business around the world, being sustainable not only has positive impacts on reputation but also on the opportunity to increase efficiency by reducing costs and waste. 

Innovations in sustainability are essential for the Food and Drink Manufacturing sector as the largest manufacturing sector in the UK. In terms of economic contribution, it accounts for 17% of all UK manufacturing GVA (£28.2 billion). It comprises just over 6,800 businesses  and employees nearly 400,000 people.*

At this event, you’ll hear from a Senior Sustainability Consultant and leading academics from both Sheffield Universities who are at the fore-front of sustainability research. Upcoming entrepreneurs will also be speaking on how they have been successful after benefiting from university support.

This event provides the opportunity to:

  • Hear from both industry and academic speakers implementing sustainability innovations across the food manufacturing sector and be inspired by how this technology and expertise can be applied across different sectors
  • Network and share knowledge with Sheffield City Region businesses and academics from both Sheffield universities to spark future partnership ideas.
  • Tour world-class research facilities at the National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering 


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