The Power of Play, Monday 30th October

As part of the international Business & Innovation Network (BIN), the MD Club are running a networking event based on the theme of gaming and digital on Monday 30th October at Sheffield Institute of Arts. BIN@ is an international network created in 2010 by three Santander University Network members (University of Sheffield, University of Porto and University of Sao Paulo).

Keynote Speaker: Ian Livingstone

Ian has been described as ‘one of the founding fathers of the UK games industry’. He was the mastermind behind such iconic brands as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. He will give an entertaining and visual account of his struggles as an entrepreneur in the 1970s when he and Steve Jackson set up Games Workshop, launched Dungeons & Dragons in Europe, and wrote the multi-million selling Fighting Fantasy gamebooks series. His new book The Port of Peril marks the 35th anniversary of the iconic series.

From analogue to digital, he will give a brief history of computer games, past, present and future, detailing how ‘digital’ has transformed customer habits and business models, expanding video games from a niche market to a $100 billion global entertainment industry. He will also talk about the importance of having Computing on the National Curriculum to promote creativity, computational thinking and problem solving – meta skills for the digital.

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BIN@Sheffield: ‘How can digitalisation transform how we work and live?’

Monday 30th Oct – Wednesday 1st Nov, Cutlers Hall, Sheffield

MD Club members are also invited to the BIN@Sheffield2017 conference, being hosted by the University of Sheffield and sponsered by the SCR Growth Hub and Sheffield Hallam University. Join UK and international experts from industry and academia to share knowledge and ideas across a variety of sessions, workshops and panels, exploring how we can work together to harness these new digital technologies and opportunities. Read more about BIN and register your place online here.